What is the definition of CXO?

We get this question a lot; usually, our clients and prospects ask us what CXO means. Here we are going to provide information on why this term is part of our corporate name and what it means.

Back in 2006, we were brainstorming names for this new company and at the time, our only services were IBM Cognos Business Intelligence (now IBM Cognos Analytics) consulting and development projects. We were providing these services to executives across multiple business areas, from HR to production up to the Executive level. So we ended up with a few name options, including CXO Business Intelligence Corporation. It was a long name, but it captured who we were when we started. We decided to adopt CXO since it was a term that defines ‘executives from all business areas.’

CXO refers to all the C-Level or Executive designations in a company. In most organizations, senior management roles typically have titles that begin with “Chief” and end with “Officer,” creating what is often called the “C-suite” or “CXO,” where “X” is a variable that represents a process, division or area.

A corporate title or business title is given to all resources in a company, including executives, to show and help identify what duties and responsibilities they have at their companies. CXO is a generic term for any corporate officer, and some of the most common titles are:

CAE – Chief Audit Executive
CAIO – Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer
CAO – Chief Academic Officer
CAO – Chief Accessibility Officer
CAO – Chief Accounting Officer
CAO – Chief Administrative Officer
CAO – Chief Analytics Officer
CBDO – Chief Business Development Officer
CBO – Chief Brand Officer
CBO – Chief Business Officer
CCO – Chief Commercial Officer
CCO – Chief Communications Officer
CCO – Chief Compliance Officer
CCO – Chief Content Officer
CCO – Chief Creative Officer
CCO – Chief Customer Officer
CDO – Chief Data Officer
CDO – Chief Delivery Officer
CDO – Chief Design Officer
CDO – Chief Development Officer
CDO – Chief Digital Officer
CDO – Chief Diversity Officer
CEngO – Chief Engineering Officer
CEO – Chief Executive Officer
CFO – Chief Financial Officer
CGO – Chief Gaming Officer
CGRO – Chief Government Relations Officer
CHRO – Chief Human Resources Officer
CINO – Chief Innovation Officer
CIO – Chief Information Officer
CIO – Chief Investment Officer
CISO – Chief Information Security Officer
CITO – Chief Information Technology Officer
CKO – Chief Knowledge Officer
CLO – Chief Learning Officer
CLO – Chief Legal Officer
CMO – Chief Marketing Officer
CMO – Chief Medical Officer
CNO – Chief Networking Officer
CNO – Chief Nursing Officer
COO – Chief Operating Officer
CPO – Chief Privacy Officer
CPO – Chief Process Officer
CPO – Chief Procurement Officer
CPO – Chief Product Officer
CQO – Chief Quality Officer
CRDO – Chief Research And Development Officer
CRO – Chief Research Officer
CRO – Chief Revenue Officer
CRO – Chief Risk Officer
CSE – Chief System Engineer
CSO – Chief Sales Officer
CSO – Chief Science Officer
CSO – Chief Security Officer
CSO – Chief Solutions Officer
CSO – Chief Strategy Officer
CSO – Chief Sustainability Officer
CTO – Chief Technology Officer
CVO – Chief Value Officer
CVO – Chief Visionary Officer
CWO – Chief Web Officer
CXO – Chief Experience Officer

How do we help Executives?

CXO provides innovative technology services and business solutions to enable companies to compete and excel in fast-paced environments. Using a combination of proven practices and emerging technologies, we devise the most advanced solution to create competitive advantages for our clients.

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We establish a collaborative relationship with our clients, understand their business needs and challenges, and leverage the extensive experience of our highly skilled professionals to devise the best solution.