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Microsoft BI Consulting for Toronto, Ontario Companies

If you already employ Microsoft products to fulfill all or most of your IT requirements, using the Microsoft BI (Business Intelligence) stack is a logical extension of your existing business solutions. Microsoft tools for BI include software that provides analytics (SSAS), data integration (SSIS), reporting services (SSRS) and visualization (Power BI). We can work with your organization to integrate some or all of these functions into your existing provision.

Toronto Microsoft BI Consulting

Our expert team can work with you at every stage of the design, installation and post-installation phases of your project, aligning your existing systems with the new developments and ensuring that the resultant framework is going to meet your intended outcomes. We aim not only to provide you with the tools needed for information enhancement but also with the knowledge and skills to use these tools effectively in order to collect, store and utilize the data you need for informed decision-making.

Microsoft Data Analytics Solutions in Toronto, Ontario

The right data analytics can transform the way you work, ensuring information from all parts of your organization is readily available and preventing information silos which can have a negative impact on overall performance. Microsoft data analytics are designed to be straight-forward to use and flexible enough to provide added value to a wide range of companies in sectors as diverse as financial, pharmaceutical and manufacturing. They can also enable the observation of data patterns that would not otherwise be picked up through standard data mining features.

Effective and Experienced Microsoft Data Analytics in Toronto

With a sophisticated approach to data management and a firm commitment to enable our clients to see quantifiable benefits from improvements in their data integration network, we aim to achieve maximal positive change at a competitive price. To find out more about how Microsoft Data Analytics can work for your organization, call us at (877) 960-1296.