Data Solutions to reduce machine downtime and improve profit margin

Companies in the manufacturing industry are pressured to maintain optimal production schedules, deliver high-quality products, and lower the cost of production. These requirements are difficult to achieve in the current globalized economy.

Our approach to addressing these issues is to work with executives and managers at manufacturing organizations to implement solutions to monitor and analyze the execution of the boardroom decisions directly from the production line.

Manufacturing companies are flooded with terabytes of data from sensors, scanners, MRPs, ERPs, and production lines from their daily operations, but only a few are using this valuable information to enhance their competitive advantage.

Our Capabilities

We help companies in a variety of subjects, related to business intelligence (BI) and Analytics, ranging from executive dashboards and operations reporting to specific production line analysis.

Our solutions enable manufacturing executives to respond quickly to demand and supply fluctuations, improve strategic alignment, gain 360-degree visibility of the manufacturing operation and link production, customer and sales information to improve supply, and financial decisions.

SMB and Enterprise level manufacturing organizations improve their performance and competitiveness by streamlining decision-making processes and utilizing advanced analytics in their operations.

We have been assisting manufacturing organizations to address challenges they face daily, including:

  • Identify the manufacturing processes and operations that generate adverse variances.
  • Optimize Capacity Utilization and Inventory levels by constantly monitoring raw materials, work-in-process, and finished goods to address the dynamics of the market.
  • Analyze and report on performance metrics by plant, department, production line, machine, cell, customer, and supplier.
  • Improve OEE numbers and minimize waste by identifying trends and changes in production.
  • Rebalance the product mix for specific countries, regions or sales territories.
  • Use advanced analytics to implement predictive maintenance programs to reduce plant or machine downtime.
  • Drill-down to specific transactions to identify the real cause of issues in the production line.
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We establish a collaborative relationship with our clients, understand their business needs and challenges, and leverage the extensive experience of our highly skilled professionals to devise the best solution.