Streamline lease accounting operations, enable compliance, drive efficiencies, and reduce costs.

Lease Administration and Accounting Global Cloud Solution

Gain visibility and control, save time and costs by centralizing all contract-related data in a single global database. A single view on all lease contracts enables users to view lease liabilities and commitments and quickly evaluate leasing impacts on financial statements.

Cloud-native technology enables organizations to use the solution with minimal customization. With cloud capabilities at the core, this global cloud software can provide a secure and reliable solution.

Lease accounting and administration complex tasks are simplified and streamlined with a single system for accruals, payments, reconciliation, and financial reporting on leases. The cloud software was designed from the ground up to support compliance with the new lease accounting standards like ASC 842 and IFRS 16. Also, it covers hundreds of complex use-cases across multiple industries.

By using a cloud-native solution, your organization can eliminate hardware expenses and all the associated costs. By removing the intricacies of a complex on-premise deployment, your leasing accounting solution can be configured and deployed; and data migrated in a fraction of the time and cost than traditional (dated) client-server software.

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  • Lease management and accounting for real estate
  • Lease management and accounting for equipment
  • Support for multi-level lease structure
  • Lease determination and classification
  • Optimize process for lease modification, remeasurement, and asset causalities
  • Preparation of quantitative note disclosures
  • Integrate data from existing ERPs, finance and accounting systems
  • Project complexity reduction and streamlined implementation time and cost



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