Data Solutions to respond to market dynamics to deliver products and services on-demand

Cloud, IoT devices, and Data Lakes are some of the technologies that are shaping the Industrial Equipment industry. Manufacturers are rapidly adapting and transforming business processes to be able to be flexible to respond to market dynamics to deliver products and services on-demand.

Some Industrial Equipment companies are leading innovation initiatives in the industry. These organizations are executing core transformation initiatives to enhance their operations by developing Sofware as a Service (SaaS) offerings intertwined with their traditional products. This is uncharted territory for some companies, that is why the growth strategy is a combination of internal transformation, start-up investing and Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A).

CXO provides support to Industrial Equipment companies in their technology initiatives and merger integration.

Our Capabilities

CXO is a company specialized in Data Solutions. We provide assistance to our clients with their business intelligence, data integration, analytics, and digital initiatives. CXO helps companies to structure and understand corporate data from disparate systems like ERPs, MRPs, Planning and Forecasting, Financials and even external data from partners and third-party organizations.

We help Small, Mid-Size Business and Enterprises in North America find innovative ways to reduce operational expenses, optimize business processes, manage risks, and improve the overall contribution to business units through intelligent and successful Data Solution projects. Companies, using business intelligence and analytics solutions, are developing improved business models and practices to avoid deficiencies of the past, respond to current challenges, and prepare the company to be competitive in future business scenarios.

Our solutions streamline business operations and improve decision-making processes to assist Industrial Equipment companies that produce:

  • Commercial and residential automation equipment
  • Construction equipment
  • Electrical equipment
  • Electronics
  • Energy equipment
  • Food and processed food equipment
  • Industrial automation and control equipment
  • Mining equipment
  • Oil and Gas equipment
  • Water management equipment
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We establish a collaborative relationship with our clients, understand their business needs and challenges, and leverage the extensive experience of our highly skilled professionals to devise the best solution.