Data Solutions to get insights on products, customer behavior, and marketing efforts that drive sales online

eCommerce sales are increasing year over year. Retail and CPG companies are facing challenges in a sector where shopping malls and retail stores are closing at a fast pace. The anchor store format is declining and pure internet players like Amazon are dominating the eCommerce sector. Complex retail corporate systems are not prepared to be responsive at the speed expected by Internet consumers and large brands are pressured by boards and investors to increase market share and penetration in the eCommerce space.

Fundamental changes are required at the core of retail operations. Most companies start by understanding how product lines are performing based on true measures, analyzed by internal teams, not third-party marketing agencies. Implementing business intelligence and analytics solutions is the beginning of critical steps that need to be taken to define a sustainable long term strategy to win Internet customers and convert them into brand raving fans. It is crucial for retail and CPG companies to get insights on what products, customer behavior, and marketing efforts drive sales online.

Our Capabilities

Connectivity is a key requirement when implementing eCommerce solutions. CXO Corporation provides an agile solution to seamlessly integrate all the required applications and support thousands of e-Commerce transactions, ensuring the system’s connectivity through a robust technology.

We help traditional retail companies and pure Internet players to accelerate their eCommerce launching by using pre-built connectors and integration templates to increase the developers’ productivity and time to market. At the same time, we support companies in their efforts to improve eCommerce scalability and ensure high availability.

Our team of consultants, analysts and developers have extensive experience in providing a range of data solutions services to businesses in North America. We are a specialized company that can assist with data integration, API interconnectivity, data analytics, business intelligence and more.

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