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Accelerate data processing, provide timely and accurate information to executives: From 3 hours to 20 minutes

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Industry: Financial Services

Client: Equipment Finance – Leasing Company

Business Challenge

Our client was experiencing delays in processing the daily data transfer from their financial systems to the corporate data warehouse, and this caused most of the reports used by the executives to be delayed and incorrect due to data corruption. The old processes developed more than a decade ago were never updated or optimized to handle the current volume of data processed.


CXO analyzed alternatives to fix these issues, redesigned the data load process using modern functions available in Microsoft SQL server, and optimized several queries that provided faster data processing and accurate numbers. The original data transfer process was taking between three and five hours to execute; after the new process was implemented, the same volume of data ran in less than twenty minutes.


These back-office improvements were translated into multiple benefits for our client; not only is the data now processed in less time, but the numbers are accurate and balanced by the redesigned processed. By reducing the processing time, the executives are receiving reports early, and the business intelligence server is available to process additional queries and more complex drill-through reports developed to utilize the server’s available processing capacity. Our client is using the same hardware and software infrastructure but is obtaining more reports and data analysis in less time.


SQL Server Integration Services, SQL Server, IBM Cognos Business Intelligence (Report Studio, Analysis Studio), IBM Cognos Framework Manager, IBM Cognos Transformer, IBM Cognos Packages, and PowerCubes.

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