Data Solutions to adapt to changes in the market and regulatory environment

The cannabis industry is booming and is expected to result in the creation of new companies in the recreational and medical markets like producers, manufacturers, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical, service and retail companies.

As with any other new industry, there are market and regulatory challenges that will be rapidly changing as the market evolves. There’s a lot of uncertainty and mergers and acquisitions (M&A) will be a strategy that some companies will use to solidify markets and expand product mix and operations. A side effect of the cannabis legalization will is increasing activity in the commercial real estate sector as new companies are strategically purchasing industrial space for agriculture, manufacturing and processing plants, warehousing, and retail.

Established pharmaceutical companies are expected to be key players in the cannabis market but new ventures are more flexible and agile to respond and adapt to changes in the market and regulatory environment.

CXO is ready to help cannabis companies execute their business strategy by supporting them in mergers and acquisitions with our expertise in data integration and data migration.

Our Capabilities

CXO is a specialized company that can assist with data integration and conversion, analytics, project management and more.

Key players in the cannabis industry are using technology to support and achieve their business objectives related to analytics, customer insights, operations, and sales.

CXO helps business organizations find innovative ways to integrate acquired companies in terms of data, business intelligence, and analytics. In most M&A processes we support our clients in ERP migration, financial software migration, and data warehouse and reporting. These are complex projects that require specific knowledge about the application and business processes.

We successfully helped SMBs, major financial institutions, and enterprise clients to migrate and integrate their information assets.

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