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Data integration is the combination of data from diverse sources into a single repository information or system. It also means linking data across disparate systems to provide a unified view of the company’s data assets. A major challenge for many organizations is ensuring that strategic information is shared meaningfully between departments and decision makers. It’s all too easy for different parts of an organization to develop a silo mentality, where vital information that could inform long-term decision making is confined to one part of the company, rather than shared at executive level. As a well-established business data integration company covering Toronto and the GTA, we are able to work with you to redefine your data parameters and distribution, ensuring that the data needed for high level decision-making is readily available across the organization.

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We analyze your business requirements, systems architecture, and IT processes to design and develop the most effective solution to fulfil your data and systems integration needs. Disparate data sources can be a challenge to integrate, which is why we offer data warehouse development that’s designed to solve this problem effectively. Particularly suitable for managing large volumes of complex data in environments where multiple reporting options are essential, we provide effective data warehouse development in Toronto, Burlington and the rest of the GTA. To find out more about how we can work with your organization, or to discuss your data warehousing needs in more detail, call us at (877) 960-1296 or contact us.


  • Standardize and validate the names, documents, and addresses of your clients. Data deduplication and cleaning.
  • Obtain additional data related to your customers, products, services, and processes from isolated systems.
  • Standardize and unify data.
  • Have access to understandable data, which means smarter business decisions.
  • Get real-time information across multiple systems.


For more information about our solutions, please contact:

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